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From 2013 to 2017, the network grew from 120,000 to 6.5 million users, with an increase rate that, if confirmed, would bring Bitcoin users 400 million in 2030.

But this premise only holds as long as the core premises of classic cryptography hold true.Very useful information specifically the ultimate phase I take care of such information a lot.

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The 2030 market cap is based on the number of bitcoin holders multiplied by the average held bitcoin value.Send 0.025 BTC (about a dollar) to someone with a semi-smart phone in some political cesspool of a country in West Africa, and how much do they get.

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Be Worth $1 or $10,000 in 2030

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We have properly working quantum cryptography right now (which is impervious to quantum computer attacks), while any useful quantum computer is at least a decade away.That would defeat the purpose of the bitcoin that is to mimic the behavior of precious metals.Not sure if you are still replying to your article, but I was wondering if I can get some thoughts on the role of competition that plays into your prediction.During that same year gambling in the US alone will have involved something to the tune of 100 billion, or two hundred fold.

As such, it is competing for market share on the transactional currency market.

Research Says Bitcoin Will be 6th largest reserve currency

It only takes a few countries not join the ban to keep Bitcoin a success, e.g I can imagine that Beppe Grillos voters in Italy would be happy with Bitcoin.

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I would expect bitcoin to follow this pattern, especially given its decentralized, bottom-up nature.Bitcoin is starting to get very popular these days, but still the majority of people know nothing about it.

It is always purely because have more desirable items on the other hand materials.Bitcoin to become sixth largest global reserve currency by 2030 Bitcoin will become sixth largest global reserve currency by 2030, while banks are set.However, long before we reach 1000USD per coin I believe the US and other governments would step in., i.e., this would be viewed as a serious threat as it is not controlled by a central banking system.A recent prediction by Jeremy Liew and Peter Smith puts Bitcoin price in 2030.Once it has reached critical mass all other currencies will vaporize.It is estimated that there would be over 5 million active bitcoin users by 2019, and that by 2030.

But it does present a substantial, unquantifyable (no pun intended) risk to methods that tie their value to the principles of classic cryptography.It will be interesting how this pans out over the next 30 years.