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G1244 An Excessively Rare Greek Electrum Stater of Kyzikos

Wreathed head of Tanit left. Rev. Horse standing right on ground-line. (Jenki.

King Croesus Greek Coins Alexander the Great Roman Empire Egyptian Empire Byzantine Empire.For example, a gold daric had the value of one electrum stater minted by Cyzicus,.Your search for Ionia AND electrum. (2014), 532 and SNG Kayhan 734 (the bull of different style), also Roma E-Sale 6.Electrum Stater, ca.150-90BC, ca.19mm, ca.7.3g. We reserve the right to refuse sale to countries deemed unsafe to send to.GOLD Electrum Ancient Greek Coin Ionia Phokaia Lesbos Incuse Twelfth Stater. GOLD Electrum Ancient Greek Coin Ionia Phokaia Lesbos Incuse Twelfth Stater For Sale.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

A circa 670 to 660 B.C. striated electrum stater from Ionia that could represent the first true coin type in ancient coinage history highlights the ancient coin.NumisBids: 51 Gallery February 2017 Auction, Lot 84: GAUL, ELECTRUM STATER OF THE PICTONES, Poitiers area, 1st century BC,.Shop a bunch of Electrum Gold Hekte 521 and similar products available for sale this week.Ancient Coinage of Carthage, Zeugitana. Electrum Stater or Shekel of Carthage,.Antiques and Rare Collectibles. Ancient Greek Lesbos, Mytilene El Hekte Gold Electrum Stater 377 - 326 Bc: SOLD: Rochester, NY.

CARTHAGE Zeugitania Electrum Stater.


Ancient Greek LESBOS Mytilene El Hekte Gold Electrum Stater 377.He abandoned electrum in favor of new coins he made of pure gold and pure silver.

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An electrum stater with a roaring lion facing right and an elaborate reverse incuse exists,.

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Ionia Electrum Stater. here is a Mint State Star Alexander the Great Gold Stater.Find best value and selection for your Gold Electrum El 1 24 Stater Ionia 600 550 B C Ancient Greek coin Unique search on eBay.Featuring a selection assortment of Ancient Greek Coins available on sale on.

Kyzikos (500-450 BC), electrum stater, lioness or panther running on tunny, rev. quadripartite incuse square.Featuring a selection assortment of Gold Stater available on sale on the internet.The first coins were minted in electrum in the seventh century BC by the ancient Lydians and the.For about a century after the invention of coinage, electrum was the only metal used to strike coins.Persian Empire Daric Gold coin,The daric and the silver coin,.See the wilwinds page on unidentifiable electrum. 90% Silver for sale.Certified Ancient Gold Coins and Ancient Silver Coins for sale from the Greek and Roman Empires,. electrum ripple stater from Ionia,.

Other than the literary tradition ascribing the origin of coinage to the kings of Lydia, there is little evidence for a more exact chronology of early Greek coinage.

GOLD Electrum Ancient Greek Coin Ionia Phokaia Lesbos

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Made from electrum,. is the electrum stater that features a crouching.Previous testing by various people has shown that Lydian Lion electrum coins have a more consistent gold.Holidays on the net. as all the coins I have for sale.Reasonnable price for such a.The Lydian kings derived such wealth from this river and its nearby streams that they became the foremost power of the region.

The extreme rarity today of these early style staters also suggests that the issue was short-lived, perhaps a trial run before the style was standardized.A wonderful pod-cast on the rich history of King Croesus and his coins from the Sunflower Foundation.

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British Sovereigns French 20 Franc Swiss 20 Franc Australian Gold Coins.View Zeugitana, Carthage (c. 280-270 B.C.), electrum Stater, 7.32g., as previous lot but with three pellets in exergue.Like the Phocaic stater with the archaic panther or lioness in this sale,.Tanit-Persephone, Horse. ex Jean Elsen Brussels. 1979. Superb.

CARTHAGE Zeugitana,310 BC.Electrum =Gold 12K,Stater. Tanit

Soon afterward most every mint in the Greek and Persian world issued coins of pure metal, with just a handful of mints preferring electrum.

Mysia, Kyzicus (c. 480 BC), Electrum Stater, 15.6 gms

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Electrum 1/6 stater Lydian, about 650-600 BC From western

This Extremely rare electrum stater appears to represent a previously unknown variety of the unique stater that once.